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We offer the best services that aim to increase reliability, reduce risks and to more adequately review the financial information in decision-essential and everyday business decisions

DIJ-AUDIT Belgrade is ready to respond to every request and need related to services within its jurisdiction and activities, whether it comes to taxpayer audits of financial statements, or for any other information requirements and needs which arises the necessity to increase the reliability of financial information via the report of the independent auditor that are created, issued or disclosed.

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Accounting services


Professional approach

The quality of service we provide to domestic and international clients is based on extensive professional experience and excellent references from our employees, and the language in which we make our reports on finished audit is Serbian, English and German.


Expertise and quality

In order to achieve quality without compromise, and that includes our years of experience in providing audit and consulting, team work of our eminent experts guarantee the quality in providing services.


Extensive experience

Since the establishment, we have conducted hundreds of audits of financial statements and consolidated financial statements for small, medium and large enterprises, joint stock companies. We also have many years of experience in audits of projects, grants, budgets, and providing consulting services.


Quick service

Thanks to the adequate planning and client requirements, investment, interest and selfless commitment, our services are provided fast, in the shortest time interval and within legal limits.